Garage Floors Done Right! specializes in residential and commercial floor coatings by providing customized interior and exterior solutions combined with professional experience and skills. Offering multiple coating options, we apply today’s technology to achieve your vision.

  • Coating Services
  • Staining Services
  • Custom Designs

Our Coating Services

Appearance matters. Whether for residential, commercial or industrial use, flooring should be attractive as well as durable and functional. We offer epoxy, polyurethane and chemical-resistant coatings in various colors and finishes to meet your environmental, safety and budgetary needs. Our coatings are easy to clean and maintain, and our limited warranty covers delamination, staining or defects in materials or workmanship. Coatings for garage floors offer not only shiny, epoxy-coated, stain-free floors inside your garage but also add additional value to your home.

  • Epoxy
  • Granite Chip 1/4″
  • Granite Micro Chip 1/8″
  • Quartz

Our Staining Services

Through expertly designed and applied staining, your new or existing concrete slabs can be transformed into canvasses featuring rich, earth-toned color schemes or more daring and vibrant color options. Let the experts at Garage Floors Done Right! enhance your decor – interior, exterior, residential or commercial – with an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Our Custom Design Services

Logos, unique motifs, decorative patterns … your imagination becomes our design. Whether it’s a creative shape, a logo positioned at a store entrance or a compass in hallway, Garage Floors Done Right! has the ingenuity, skill and materials to permanently set your idea in concrete

Custom Garage Cabinets

We customize for your space, budget and style by working with you. Garages Done Right! helps you transform your plain garage into a functional, stylish extension of your home.




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